For more information about any of our upcoming events, please contact or call us at 403-460-6647.

Mindful Eating

Date: Monday, September 18th, 2017

Time: 6pm till 7:30pm

This 90 minute workshop focuses on following your bodies innate hunger cues. Learn about mindful eating, satiety and hunger cues, as well as finding peace with food. Facilitated by our Registered Dietitian. Register online at Eventbrite.

Becoming Mindful

Date: September 12th to October 31st, 2017

Time: Tuesday evenings from 5:00pm to 6:15pm

This 8-week series is for individuals wanting to understand mindfulness by learning the theory behind the practice. Each session will comprise of teaching as well as time for experiential practice of mindfulness.(...more)

Mindful Communication

Date: September 7th to October 12th, 2017

Time: Thursday evenings from 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Looking to improve your communication skills? In our attempt to clearly convey a message to another person, there can be numerous factors that influence our ability to stay on track, stick to our values, and accurately express ourselves. This workshop teaches strategies to assist participants (...more)

Nutrition Support Group

Date: Tuesday evenings

Time: 5:30pm till 6:30pm

Staying on track with our eating can be challenging when our lives get busy. What we eat has a significant impact on how we feel and even how we function. Often times we know what we need to be doing to get back on track, but the follow through is a little more challenging(...more)

DBT Skills Group

Dates: Ongoing enrollment

Time: Wednesday evenings from 5:30pm till 8:30pm

Time: Thursday mornings from 9:00am till 12:00pm

Our DBT Skills Group is aimed at helping individuals who are looking to find new strategies and skills to assist them in coping with difficult situations and intense emotions. It is a 15-week psycho-educational group (...more)

Drop-in Yoga Nidra

Dates: Last Wednesday of the month, please register at least 24hr in advance

Time: 4pm till 5pm

Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of guided relaxation that has a profound effect on the body, mind and emotions. Classes begin with simple movement, breathwork and focusing exercises to prepare for meditation. During the Yoga Nidra meditation you will be led through various stages of deeper relaxation where you turn your (...more)

Drop-in Yoga

Tuesday: 2pm till 3pm, please register at least 24hr in advance

Yoga can be a beneficial way to connect our bodies and our minds. With an emphasis on mindfulness, our classes assist clients in enhancing wellness through the mindful movement. Classes are small and allow for more individualized attention. They are great for beginners and beneficial for all levels.We now have a lunch-hour yoga (...more)